Featured Machines

Skelcore Sk4000 Curved Free Running Treadmill

The Skelcore SK4000 Curved Free Running Treadmill is a high-end and robust motorless treadmill which is user friendly to many. As the name describes, it facilitates free running which is controlled by the speed of your own feet. It is ideal for athletic sprints, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), marathon training, jogging or simply walking. The modern console tracks your workout and with multiple resistance levels this unit is perfect for all fitness levels. Minimal maintenance required compared to the traditional motorized treadmills. Ideal for commercial, semi-commercial, and home set ups.

Skelcore Combat Bike

Plenty in the market but, the Skelcore Combat Bike is surely one of its kind. With its unique heavy-duty oversized frame handlebars, training on this machine will increase your cardio, strength and endurance levels, making competitions on other air bikes feel like a breeze. Highly recommended for CrossFit training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), weight loss and total body work outs. It is both belt and chain driven, ensuring a less noisy, smoother ride.

Skelcore Pro Series Seated Chest Press Plate Loaded Machine

The Skelcore Pro Series Chest Press Plate Loaded Machine targets the upper chest, triceps and shoulder muscle groups. It offers the freedom of loading your own plates to the desired weight of a maximum of 200kg. The arms can be pushed simultaneously as well as singularly giving the user options during training.

Skelcore Pro Series Abductor & Adductor Pin Load Machine

The Skelcore Pro Series Abductor & Adductor is a dual pin loaded machine great for toning and strengthening the glutes, overall thigh muscles and hips (abductors and adductors). The compact structure of the machine takes up less space compared to having two separate machines in a single area. It is easily adjustable allowing for quick shifting to the desired setting. A chart on the machine can also be used as a brief guide on the general use. The seat ensures secure and comfortable positioning for the user's back at an appropriate angle.